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I have had my kindle fire for several weeks now, and I haven't been as excited about a piece of hardware since the iphone.  If you are a business trying to get as much as you can for your dollar, the Kindle fire is a definite alternative to the iPad. The screen resolution is fantastic,.
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Twitter is becoming more than just a short alert system, it now can highlight your overall social media presence.  It will now show profiles on tweeters: Reassessment is part of life; what is working for you?.
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Think Wikipedia!  Little did I know several years ago just how important this tool would become to me both personally - and professionally.  A Wiki is a combination of:
  • A Wordprocessor
  • An Email tool
  • A Discussion forum
  • A File Storage Area
  • A Collaboration Tool
  • A Website
Websites have multiple pages connected by links or navigation tabs; if you.
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